Sign Miracles

Sign Miracles.

            In the book of John, we are told of eight miracles that Jesus performed. Each miracle displays Jesus’ deity. Beginning with John 2, we are taken to a marriage ceremony in Cana. “Village weddings were major social events. They often involved the entire community and could last several days.”[1]Jesus was there with His disciples. At some point during the feast, they ran out of wine and Jesus’ mother asked Jesus to fix this small problem. Jesus told the Jews to fill up six water pots with water, draw out, and serve the guests. When the Jews did as they were told, the head steward tasted and proclaimed that this was the good wine, normally served first, and is being served last. At that moment, the servants that drew the water knew Jesus had turned water into wine. Jesus’ deity was displayed in the changing of water into wine. Only God can take matter and change the significance of it, whether it is spiritual or physical.

As we move to John 4:43-54, we come upon Jesus’ next miracle. We find Jesus in Galilee, and His popularity had grown significantly since everyone heard or seen what He done in Jerusalem. A certain nobleman, came, found Jesus, and begged Him to heal his son, who was sick and about to die. The nobleman demonstrated faith by seeking Jesus and publically asking Him to heal his son. Jesus told the nobleman to go home; his son was healed, and will be fine. With that the nobleman believed upon Jesus’ word, went home, and found a healthy son. Jesus’ deity was demonstrated among thousands that day. Jesus showed everyone that He could speak and heal anyone from any distance at any time. Just as God spoke the world into existence, Jesus spoke and this nobleman’s son was healed.

Next in John 5:1-12 we find Jesus at the Pool in Bethesda. Jesus found a “certain” man, who had been ill for 38 years. When Jesus asked if he would like to be healed, the certain man made up every possible excuse why he had not been healed after 38 years. Even after listening to the excuses, Jesus having compassion spoke to this man and he was healed. Several things can be learned from this as it relates to Jesus’ deity. Dr. Townes states, “The word knowledge is used by John to explain Jesus’ supernatural knowledge.”[2] Jesus picked out this “certain” man when several thousands were around the pool. Again, Jesus spoke the words and this man was healed after 38 years of discouragement, disappointments, and excuses.

Jesus then moves onto the other side of Galilee with a large crowd following, watching the miracles He was performing on the sick. (John 6:1-15) Since this was a large crowd, Jesus inquires of Philip as to how much it would cost to feed this crowd. Andrew finds a small boy that has five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus takes the food, blesses it, and distributes it among the 5000 people. After the food was distributed, the disciples gather the leftovers and there was 12 baskets left over. After the crowd seen this, some wanted Him as king, and “even though Jesus was not the military Messiah, they expected Jesus to defeat the Romans and drive them out of the country.”[3] Obviously, Jesus showed His deity with the multiplication of the bread and fish, along with His self-claim that He was the Bread of Life. Jesus multiplied the food to quench the hunger of the crowd as He also can quench the spiritual hunger of those who choose to accept Him.

Once night started to fall upon them, His disciples took off to Capernaum. (John 6:16-24) During their travels, the weather took a turn for the worse and the winds started to beat upon them. Soon after the storm started, the disciples saw Jesus walking to them on water. Even though the disciples believed they saw the spirit of Jesus, Jesus quickly calmed them and assured them that it was indeed Him and everything was going to be ok. Jesus’ deity superseded the law of nature by walking on water, but if we go deeper, just as God never left the Israelites in the Old Testament, Jesus never leaves His children in the storms of life.

As we come to John 9:1-41, Jesus passes by a blind man, which triggered a question from His disciples. Did this man sin, or was it the sins of the parent, that caused him to be born blind? Jesus’ response was epic, demonstrating His infinite wisdom; Jesus tells His disciples that neither of them sinned causing his blindness. Simply, it is so God can work through this man. With that being said, Jesus spits into some clay making mud and rubs it onto the blind man’s eyes. Jesus instructs the blind man to go to the pool of Siloam, wash and be healed. The blind man done as Jesus instructed and he walked away healed. Again, Jesus shows His deity by healing this man, as only God could. Jesus’ infinite wisdom teaches us not to assume sin is the reason that someone has a disability and obey exactly what Christ tells us. Jesus told the blind man to go to the pool in Siloam. There may have been a quicker way to wash the mud, but Jesus had a purpose sending him there.

As we move into John 11, we meet Jesus’ dear friend Lazarus. Lazarus has become sick and after his death—which Jesus knew before any of His disciples—He said that He was going to wake Lazarus up. Four days passed and Jesus arrives in Bethany, and meets Martha who is asked, if she believes in Him. Martha professes her belief in the Son of God, though still confronts Jesus about rolling the stone away after four days of Lazarus being dead. Jesus reminds her that if she believed she would see the glory of God. Once the stone was removed, Jesus spoke and Lazarus came from the cave alive and well. Jesus demonstrated His deity by raising Lazarus from the dead, proving that He defeated death by just speaking. God spoke the world into existence, as Jesus speaks life into Lazarus, and speaks life into us spiritually as we believe upon Him.

After the death and resurrection of Christ, His disciples decided to go fishing. (John 21) The disciples fished all night and did not catch anything. As daylight was breaking, someone from the shore asked if they had caught any fish, not knowing it was Jesus, they answered saying they had not caught anything. Jesus tells them to cast the net to the right side of the boat and they would catch some fish. Regardless of their feelings, they obeyed and casted the net to the right side and were not able to haul in the fish due to the quantity. John figured out it was Jesus and screamed to Peter, and told him it was Jesus, and Peter swam into shore. Jesus’ deity was again shown through His infinite knowledge, as well as the Great Provider. As God provided for Adam and Eve in the Garden, “This incident concluded the apostles’ instruction in their function of fishers-of-men by teaching that it is to be performed under Jesus’ direction, and that when this is done, they will gather a spectacular harvest to Him.”[4]


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