Grateful and Thankful

As I turned in my final papers today for the last two classes of this semester, I find my self ever so grateful to the Lord for getting me through and my family and friends that encouraged me and prayed for me.

I look back and I am so amazed to see what God has done for me and the things He has brought me through. I started this educational journey with Liberty in 2011 and Lord willing I will be completing my Bachelors in December. I have three classes to finish that degree. Then the choice of Masters/Seminary needs to be made. I thought this would be an easy decision but the thought of having all this extra free time if I do not continue school plays with my mind. (Prayer about this is greatly appreciated) Thoughts of what I can do, to my already filled up plate, if I complete my Masters and continue with my Doctorate, runs through my mind. The question to ask is; is this God’s will and will it glorify Him. Yes, I do believe it will. Anyway for anyone else out there that is trying to determine if something is of God, that is my advice.

Ask yourself if this decision will glorify God and be honest and do not try and rationalize your answer.

And remember this;

I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. In all my ways I acknowledge Him and He directs my paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)


About Ohm Punisher

Vaping saved my life. It can save yours too. I'm here to educate and review products. #notblowingsmoke #Micah 6:8 #vapefam #vape4life #VapeAct
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