It has been a day or so since I posted anything, so I thought I would go with something more personable. My college work is great and has a lot to offer, but I have nothing else on this computer so that will have to wait.

I finished my summer semester and I am still awaiting my final grades. I just started my fall semester with Daniel-Revelation and Church History 2. I look forward to the end of the fall semester because I will have completed my Bachelors of Science in Religion. However, it is the decision what happens after that worries me. I am a Gideon style person when it comes to conformation, meaning I have to keep asking God which way to go. Some decisions I struggle with and others I know with out a doubt. Why is this decision so tough; I have no idea. I have thoughts of using my degree to teach (online preferably with everything going on) religion classes. To do that I would need my Masters. If I go to Seminary, that is 5 years of work, loans, and stress. The stress and work does not bother me, rather it is the loans that worries me. If I travel a different route, and complete a different Masters, I worry if that will be enough to teach a religion course. Then through in the mix everything I like to study and learn, that leans me back to Seminary courses. I have prayed and I am awaiting my direction.

On a lighter note, I am eternally grateful for all that have prayed me through, because it is impossible with out God and many prayers from family and friends. I also thank my wife and kids, I can be a “bear” sometimes when I get close to deadlines and get a little stressed. I thank my parents for instilling morals, dedication, and hard work and the prayers because I know the grey hairs were because of me.

Closing thought: It is getting unusually cool this time of year and it has started to bring back that buck fever. Good news for me, bad news for the wife, haha. I still have so much to do to prepare for this season. My goal is to go for the double-triple this year. Use a bow, muzzle loader, rifle to get a turkey, bear, and deer.

Anyway, my thoughts of the day, now I shall get back to work. Have a great day and God bless!


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3 Responses to Decisions-decisions-decisions

  1. There’s always prayer, especially intercessary prayer. Personal soulwinning. Both greatly undervalued and neglected. And a Acts 9:6: experience “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do” or an Isa 6:8 answer “Here am I, send me”

  2. qumeron says:

    Robb… Sometimes it is trail and error, if we have a mature Christians in our lives, who can give us solid Christian guidance this is from God Himself. it has taken me years to realize, as you, I have trouble figuring out decisions, but trust God he has your plan and purpose definitely defined, it is our confindence in Him that is shakey. Do not be too hard on yourself my friend . On another note, I too wanted to go and get all the paper work to do God’s work and for what reason only to have the credentials of man to do the work of God. Is this not the strangest contridiction that ever was?

    • pastorrobbm says:

      Thank you for the encouraging words. The biggest fear I believe I have is failure. I know if I am not in God’s will I will fail, and I am hard on myself when I fail.

      You are also correct, it is a strange contradiction to go through the process of getting credentials to do God’s work. Though I suppose with the wide variety of false teachers floating around it does help to keep them at bay.

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