Its A Raining And The Door Is A Closing….

“And those that came, male and female, of every living thing, came as God had commanded him. And Yahweh shut the door behind him” (Gen 7:16).



While I should be working on homework, I have learned that when God gives you something, you better get it down unless you have a great memory. I do not have a great memory, therefore I have to write it down.


We have all heard the phrase, “when a door shuts another opens or when a door shuts there is an open window” or something along those lines. Meaning that when we think we are left locked up in a situation there God will open another door for us to move through, preferably something better. Wishful thinking, but that is rarely the case because there are times we shut the door or go running to another open door without considering God’s wishes. Personally speaking, I have rushed through doors more times than waiting to see what door God wants me to pursue. The older I get the wiser I would like to think I am, and as many will attest we must always look for God’s guidance and what doors He wants us to walk through. Once you know, and believe me you will know, then your pursuit to that door should be swift.


Noah and his family was ordered to walk through a door that meant the rest of humanity would be left out, because of their wickedness. If we put ourselves in Noah’s shoes, we can say that we would hesitate knowing what was going to happen to neighbor Nancy. Noah kept building diligently spreading the word when he could and I am sure he endured all types of ridicule and pressure to just give up. Noah knew God wanted them through that door. All Noah had to do was build the ark and be on the inside of that door. Noah did not even have to close the door. The unknown may have plagued Noah, as far as knowing how they were to survive or make it afterwards, even though Noah still made sure he and his family was on the inside.


As Christians, we all are working on the ark. We should be spreading the Gospel, and warning those of the impending flood, metaphorically speaking. As we walk the walls of life there will be times we enter a door God did not intend, and other times fighting going through doors God did intend. As we grow older and wiser, we know to ignore the worldly doors and keep our focus on the godly doors and the hesitation becomes smaller and smaller. The conclusion I have come to, we hesitate less because we have had a taste of the godly side of things and we want more.


What does all this mean? I have no clue other than someone or someone’s needed to read this. The answer is in there. Concerning Christians, there are too many “self-proclaiming Christians” standing in the rain “ohhhhing and awwwwing” and I promise you, one day the door will be closed. For others, perhaps a door is closing or has closed. Do not fear, the other side of that door, like Noah’s, led to a whole new world full of promises and blessings. For a few, this may mean to just keep building, nothing ever worth anything was or will be easy, the road to the Cross proves that. If I have missed any, I know God will fill in the blanks.


-Pastor Robb


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