Faith Family and Fellowship Update

Again, it has been a couple weeks but I am here to update on Faith, Family, and Fellowship. We have had an unbelievable past few weeks. After much prayer, we took a step of faith on a rental building to house the church. We came together and in one day had it ready for church. The following week we came together and had a yard/bake/hotdog sale and God not only provided the first month’s rent, He gave us a little extra. Praise the Lord. God is good. It was a lot of work but God provided the strength and people to make it all come together and happen.
Not only was the sale a success, lives were changed. We had a “big sister” reunited with a girl she had a direct influence with 25 years ago… 25 years ago! That was God! It was amazing to watch each person interact with others. This was all put together on a Wednesday and the following Saturday we had the event. I wished I had counted the number of people that came but that was an afterthought. Come Sunday we had 15 people attend church. Now, some may think that is not very many, but I remind you, we only begun May 4th and a lot of people we know already attend church. Fifteen is a large number for us and I see that growing as well.
If that was not enough, God also provided us with a youth minister. A youth minister that is on fire for God I may add. God also has provided us pews and a pulpit. (We had borrowed some chairs and a pulpit before the yard sale) Prayerfully they will be out to the church by Wednesday. And I will attend an auction and may win some padded pews. We as a church have been so blessed the past few weeks I almost cannot take it all.
So, what do I see for us in the future? We as a group have attained a few goals, the largest was to be in a building within two months, God gave it to us in approximately a months’ time. We have attained some literature to use for Bible study and we have started Wednesday night services. These are just a few we have already accomplished. We as a group still need to meet the goal of 25-30 people within 5 more months. I see VBS and other activities in the future. Joining the Baptist Association would be helpful as I can help get others trained and get fresh ideas. The one goal that will never end though is we will keep making disciples!
It is difficult for anyone reading this to feel what God has done for us as it is difficult for me to try and put it into words that is strong enough. The best way to describe it is, God is moving so strong and fast that I cannot keep up. If anyone has been blessed so much in a short time that they almost have to say, “Ok, give me a second before you pour the next round on me” then you may understand what I am talking about.
Continue to pray for us as we move forward. To each of the congregants, I thank you because without your obedience, none of this would be possible. Last but not least, I thank you Lord for your blessings upon us and showing others that you still are on the throne and you take care of your own! Thank You and I love You!
“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever” (Psalms 136:1).


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