First and foremost I am a man of God who loves Jesus Christ with all my heart! I am a proud vet, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-life! I enjoy hunting, fishing, and football.

I was raised in a christian home and upon the age of 18 decided I could do it on my own. I tried this for over 10 years with no success. I lost it all! Upon my return to Christ (much like the prodigal son) I started attending church and getting back into the Bible. This was not enough, God wanted more! I could not sleep and was confused. I kept reading His Word and eventually God got through to me and I was called into the ministry Nov. 2009. We found a local church, and I shadowed the pastor learning the ins and outs. I learned a great deal. After being discharged we moved back to Virginia and I became pastor of Closer Home Church until 2014. Soon after, I began attending college at Liberty University. I completed my Associates in Religion and my Bachelors in Religion. I started Seminary with Liberty University in January of 2014. I also started a new church where I am pastor called Faith Family and Fellowship in 2014. 2014 has been a busy and challenging year and I look forward to what God has in store.

The items posted here are my thoughts and is not associated with anyone else. Some will be work that I had completed and feel led to share with the world. My prayer is that someone will read and come to know Jesus or come back to Jesus.

I welcome any thoughts, questions, and comments. Though I will warn, WARNING: if anyone is looking for an argument or to distribute hate and filth, it will not be tolerated.

Other than that, I am a  simple man passing through this temporary place on my way home. I pray this is a blessing and something is gained.

God bless and in Christ’s love



4 Responses to About

  1. qumeron says:

    Robb, It is with great Christian love that I encourage you to continue, we of the household of faith are mandated to build one another up in the faith. The love of Christ compells me to tell you to keep up the good work that God has decreed for you to do in eternity past. We will be held accountable for each and every word and deed done inthe body here below. Love ya Brother!

  2. Robb, God moves in mysterious ways. Isn’t it awesome that we have a loving and merciful Savior? When I read about you I saw a little bit of me. I was saved at an early age (12) and committed my life for full-time Christian service at age 16. I, too, was like a prodigal son. I fell away from my walk with Christ. Finally after 36 years of God speaking to me and laying it on my heart I committed to go back to school at Liberty and get my degree. It originally was going to be just the certificate in Biblical Studies/Christian Ministry but being so close to a degree with all my military training I am pursuing my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating on Bible and Theology. I encourage you to continue your good work that God has called you to. I pray that you will be a light to this world and fruitful in your service to the Lord.

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